Roles: Art Direction, Design, Illustration
Services: BRand Identity, LOGO DESIGN, Package Design, Print Collateral, Illustration, Vehicle Graphics, Web
Sixpoint Brewery was founded in 2004 by Shane Welch and Andrew Bronstein who met as students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dubbed the “mad scientists,” the two set up production in a former filing cabinet factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. Welch, a homebrewer and Milwaukee native, created the initial recipes that would cause a buzz in the craft beer scene. After six years of draft-exclusive offerings, Sixpoint began releasing canned "nano-kegs" in 2010. Canning allowed for a wider territory for distribution and propagated new Sixpoint fans all over the world. 
In November 2018, Sixpoint joined Artisanal Brewing Ventures, an independent collective that includes Southern Tier and Victory. Sixpoint currently offers eight year-round canned beers and has created over 75 limited-releases. Core branding and package design remain largely unchanged to this day.

Sixpoint star logo rationale

Objective:  Create a memorable, timeless beer brand with deeper symbolism than hop cones or barley spikes. Pay respect to centuries of brewing tradition while accommodating future innovation.
Solution:  The Sixpoint star is an amalgamation of the nautical star and the German brauerstern, two symbols deep in the Sixpoint DNA. The nautical star can be found around Red Hook, Brooklyn, an homage to its hearty roots as a port town. It was an old sailor’s symbol, regarded in myth for its ability to guide ships home safely. The German brauerstern was an ancient mark of quality for German brewers, and the official symbol of the Brewer’s Guild. Put the two together and you have a symbol of two-fold power. 
Branding is reinforced with the self-referential name Sixpoint and is linked to a custom scriptmark. An expanded visual brand system complements the core identity and is, for the most part, modular, cutting lead time on new applications like packaging.
2016 Can Can Award (Silver); Sixpoint Puff, Imperial India Pale Ale
2012 Canny Award: Best Graphics Design (Sixpoint Diesel)

Vehicle graphics

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